Getting Started with the Client Portal

Hello! Welcome to the Oozle Media Client Portal. This is the best place to come for progress updates on Oozle Media’s services to you. Not only will it be made possible to watch our step by step process, but you will become an active participant in it all.

You are one of our most valued clients. We want to ensure both of us are on the same page throughout the whole process. That’s where this portal comes in. Together we can use the “My Progress” tab to guide our projects to completion. Feeling a little lost? Not to worry! Here are some general guidelines to keep you on track, and help utilize the entire portal.

Our Role

On our end, we’re just going to keep doing the high quality work only we know how to do. Get ready for awesome web designs, superb content, and the best development all in a timely manner. However now with the client portal, we will have one convenient place to discuss ideas with you, verify projects, and give you the best timeline for when the various steps will be completed.

Your Role

Here in the portal, you will have an opportunity like none other, to not only watch the step by step process, but be involved in every aspect. We need your help by giving us feedback, submitting your own information, and giving the final approval for things to get moving. That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to use the client portal.

Keep in touch with us through this site, letting us know what you like, and what needs to be changed before going any further. You will have the ability to check projects off, look at documents submitted for your review, know what phase we are on and when its anticipated completion date is, and review your contract. Visit this site as often as possible to keep all these things in check.

The Portal

There are a few different elements on the portal that you need to become familiar with before starting out:

  • The “login/logout” portion of the page is the first that you will use. It allows you to gain access to your information, and even has a section to change your profile if you so desire.
  • The navigation is the menu of the site which can be found near the top of the page. There are four main portions of the navigation:
    • Getting started – this is the page you are on now. Welcome! Reference back here anytime to go over how to use the portal.
    • My Details – reference this page to refresh yourself on your contract and details of your company that you shared with your Account Manager.
    • My Progress – here is the page you will be spending most of your time. Outlined are the steps to completing your project, and what each steps means. We’ll go into more details about this page later.
    • FAQ – If there’s anything this Getting Started page can’t answer, hop on over to the FAQ section, where some of the questions we get asked most often are addressed.

My Progress

See? We told you My Progress would be back. Here is the best place for you to track what we are doing for you, and for us to get your input as well. On the page, there is a Project Road Map outlining five phases. As we complete our tasks, and you check off yours, we will all see the progress bar move, showing our percentage completed with each phase. Take a look down below where the phases are divided into goals. Each goal consists of six components:

  • Who – this shows who is responsible for checking off the task. If your picture is shown here, read on to find out what you need to do before the goal can be completed.
  • Goal – this will outline what the item is.
  • Description – click on the description to get even more information about the goal, including how long it is expected to take.
  • Due Date – The date that we’re expecting this goal to be completed by. You might not see due dates for future phases, but don’t worry. They’ll be there.
  • Completion Date – this will only show up after a goal has been marked completed.
  • Check Mark – if the task belongs to you, the box will turn green once it is ready to be completed. Only check the box if everything in the description of this goal has been met. In some cases, a warning will show up, asking you to verify you are ready to complete the task. Be sure everything is ready to go before accepting.

Besides goals, you will also find a tab for notes, and one for files on this page. These are equally important in our communication with you. Each phase has a section for each of these. Be sure when leaving a note for a specific goal you leave it in the correct phase. We will answer questions you may have in your notes as quickly as possible. Use this section to reply to any notes we have left for you.

For the goals you need to complete, you may need to upload your own file, or view files we have put up already. Open the file tab, and browse your computer for the file you wish to share with us. Click submit to add it to the phase. You will notice the file appear just below the upload option. Click on the title to open it. If you have uploaded a file by mistake, feel free to delete it by clicking the red X on the right-hand side.

Any changes that are made in the My Progress tab, whether it is through adding files, completing a goal, or a note has been left for you, an alert will be displayed just under the Project Road Map. This is just for your information. If you want to clear your screen of these, click the red X on these alerts and they will go away.

Now you’re ready to get started using the Oozle Media Client Portal! If you have any further questions, contact your Account Manager for clarification. We will be keeping up with your goals, and monitoring the process all along the way. Together we can get your project completed just how you want it in an efficient manner.