Frequently Asked Questions About the Oozle Portal

A “Phase” is a group of goals that marks a certain part of the project. For example, there are phases for planning the site, creating a design, and building the website. Each phase has several smaller goals inside of it that just help us mark the progress on your site.
A “Goal” is a specific point in the website process that needs to be finished before the project can move forward. One example of a “goal” is creating a design for the site. Oozle has to meet this “goal” by a certain deadline. Once we do, then the client can finish their “goal” of reviewing the site design, and submitting feedback. Each goal has its own due date, and an estimated timeframe – that is, the amount of time we expect the goal to take.
The “estimated timeframe” is the amount of time, as measured in business days, that Oozle thinks a particular goal will take. Due dates are based on this timeframe. For example, we might think a design will take 10 business days to complete. So if the sitemap and wireframe are finished on August 12, then we would schedule the due date for the design to be 10 business days (approximately 2 weeks) from August 12. Sometimes due dates aren’t met and goals aren’t completed on time. When that happens, Oozle will reschedule future goals. We’ll still schedule enough time for the “estimated timeframe”, but the actual due date may change based on when previous goals were met. Completing goals past their due date might mean future goal dates get pushed back. So it’s always best to make sure that everything is finished when expected.
It depends on the due date. Typically, the due date will be adjusted based on how overdue the goal was. Of course Oozle will work hard to ensure that its goals are completed on time, by their deadlines, so that your project will be finished by the promised date. However, sometimes we have clients who don’t complete their own goals by due dates. Unfortunately this will result in future due dates being pushed back as well. For example, the client might be asked to review their design and submit feedback by the end of the week, and Oozle would then make those changes within a further 5 business days. But if the client doesn’t review the design until the middle of the following week, then Oozle’s due date would be pushed back to allow the full 5 business days. If a goal is completed particularly late – say, by several days or weeks – then the due dates may have to be pushed even further back to allow time to complete other client projects that were previously scheduled. This also means that clients who submit their feedback and approvals on time might be bumped up.
As a client, we will ask you to regularly check into the portal and verify that you’re approving something or sending us some details we need. To do this, you can leave a note, upload a file, or simply check off on the deliverables Oozle Media has sent you. All you need to do is click the checkbox on the right side of the goal that you’re finishing.